Central Asian Foundation for System Researches (CAFSR) is a public non-profit and independent research center founded in 1997 to facilitate the construction of civil society in the Central Asian region, support and promote of region’s development programs in scientific, economic, humanitarian, scientific and technical fields.


Our Priorities

  • Promotion of public access to information.
  • Development and support of independent mass media in the Central Asian region.
  • Introduction to practice of new technologies of the constructive interaction directed on creation of climate of mutual understanding, dialogue and consent.
  • Formation of management culture.
  • Support for progressive ideas, projects and programs in the field of development of the market relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Assistance to the solution of national tasks of development of Central Asian countries to level of the developed states in scientific, technical, economic and humanitarian spheres.
  • Increases of world community's knowledge about social and economic development of the Central Asian region.


 Our Activities

I. Research Activities as a Basis for Individual Consulting:

  • System sociological, politological, social and psychological, marketing and economic researches in the field of short-term and medium-term forecasting.


II. Managerial and Organizational Consulting:

  • Consulting on elaboration of strategy and tactics, to drawing up the reporting on social responsibility and a sustainable development of business.
  • Consulting on elaboration of strategy tactics of PR campaign.
  • Consulting of regional aspects of activity of the companies.
  • Advertising consulting, communication and reputation audit.
  • Organization of an effective sales management system: development and realization of marketing strategies of the companies.
  • Organization of human resource management system: development and realization of a strategy and system for integrated development of company's personnel capacity.
  • Crisis and problem situation management.


III. Formation of a Steady Positive Reputation:

  • Development of corporate and public image, organization of promotion campaigns.
  • Formation of system of public relations with national and regional authorities, public associations.
  • Carrying out and information support for social and political events.
  • Election campaigns.
  • Lobbying.


IV. Application of Technologies of Development Public Relations:

  • Formation of the steady relations with mass media.
  • Press conferences, briefings, press tours.
  • Development of concepts and carrying out specialized events.
  • Development of trademarks and systems of their promotion.
  • Presentations of the new companies, new types of production and services.
  • Fundraising, frendraising.
  • Sponsorship and charity events.
  • Training courses, communicative training and workshops.
  • Information, situational, educational and training seminars, workshops, conferences, round tables for target audiences and on places.
  • Development and production of handout and materials of information support.

Our long-standing partners are representatives of the state and regional governing bodies, the national companies, private business and noncommercial institutions of our country and the Central Asian region, the international organizations.


Contact Us

#4a, Microdistrict 8, office 517, Almaty, 050035, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Phone: +7(727) 2730184

Fax: +7(727) 2505836

Email: office@cafsr.kz